Performance: LT Coaching Programme


LT Philosophy

Champions are made, not born.

It is exemplary coaching that identifies, nurtures and maximises the champion inside talented young junior players, transforming passion and potential into real skill and performance.

Leinster Tennis is delighted to introduce LT, an innovative coaching programme designed to cultivate talent in high-performance junior players and optimise their development.

The primary aim of this new programme is develop the talents of our U 10’s – U 18’s Leinster players.

The latest in sports science; methodologies of the International Tennis Federation and focused coaching will challenge the players to be the best they can be.


LT Coaching Programme: Technology & Elite Training Methods

The goal is to find those players with that edge; that raw talent of which champions are made, and hone it into superb, consistent performance.

Skilled coaches with a history of success on the court will work hand-in-hand with knowledgeable Club Coaches for a synergistic approach to player advancement.

Only the most promising of junior players will be invited to take one of the limited places on the programme.

 “I’m thrilled to see the introduction of this ground-breaking LT Programme in Leinster” says Conor Niland, Ireland’s former Number One player

 “Our young players have amazing potential; they deserve the opportunity to become the best. The intense focus on player development and cooperation of Province and Club coaches for the betterment of talented juniors is very exciting. This is the kind of programme serious players will thrive on.”


LT Selection Process

‘I.D. Days’ will be held to allow Province Coaches, with Club Coach input, to identify the most promising players for the Next Generation Squads.

Once selected, these players will be offered one of the limited places in the LT Programme.

Players eligible for the Leinster Elite and Leinster Development Squads will be selected based on National Rankings. Coaches may make a number of ‘Wild Card’ picks on a discretionary basis to allow players who may have dropped in ranking due to injury an opportunity to participate in the LT Programme.

Selected players will remain in the Club but will receive a structured, co-ordinated training regime, and be introduced to other young players of the same ability within the Province.

The LT Programme will include video analysis for technique refinement and skill acquisition, to allow deconstruction of dynamic tennis with slow-motion replay. Details such as stroke, stance and biomechanics of a game played at high speed can be closely studied by coaches and players, and adjustments made accordingly.

LT Coaches will provide feedback and reviews, and they will work with Club Coaches to design quarterly development plans to formulate specific goals for each player, receiving periodical training with trackable results.

Players will work within the LT programme, moving seamlessly from Club session to LT session.

The LT Programme is designed to make good players great, and to make great players champions.


Squad Details

Once limited places available on this prestigious tennis programme have been allocated to selected players, the children will be divided into squads according to age, ability and goals.


Leinster Elite Squad

This group will consist of players from 12 – 18 years of age, and the most promising will be invited on to the Leinster Elite Squad.

The Elite Squad will train twice a week for two hours per session. They will also do two hours physical training per week to develop endurance, explosive strength and stamina.

The training will be periodised through the year, and training prior to Tennis Season will have an added focus on injury prevention, movement, flexibility and speed, along with tactics and psychological readiness.

Objectives of the Leinster Elite Squad:

  • To keep players at the top of the National game
  • Where appropriate, to play at an International level (i.e. Federation Cup; Davis Cup)
  • To work on four key elements of tennis – Tactical, Technical, Physical and Mental
  • All players will attend 6 hours of Programme Training per week, and we will monitor any hours players put in outside the Programme
  • To increase the number of matches each player is involved in per year
  • We will liaise with College Coaches in the U.S. and maintain regular communication with them
  • We will provide guidance on Collage applications, as well as player education within the U.S. College system
  • We will tailor goal-setting and an annual plan for each player; each will work from a customised, periodised plan. From September to December the focus will be on technique, whilst approaching the competitive phase of training the emphasis will be on tactics and mentality. Physical development will be an ongoing, constant process for each player.


Development Squad

This squad will be made up of players aged between 12 – 18 years who are not currently in the top rankings and who may not have the ambition or potential to play at an international level. Players who improve may move to the Leinster Elite Squad.

This squad will train twice per week for two hours each session. They will also do two hours physical training per week.

Objectives of Development Squad:

  • To work on the four key areas of tennis, Tactical, Technical, Physical and Mental
  • To ensure all players attain the correct amount of hours per week (6) and monitor the amount of hours they do outside the programme
  • To increase the amount of matches they play per year
  • To advise on their goal setting and annual plan
  • To keep players in the game


Next Generation Squads

These squads are made up of children currently playing under 9/10/12.

The ultimate success of the LT programme hinges on the nurturing and development of children at this level, so the Next Generation Squad has a huge role to play in Leinster Tennis.

The players’ first experience should be a positive one and lay strong foundations for the journey ahead. Technical development will be a large part of their training, and we will aim to prepare these young players for transition into the Leinster Elite squad or Development squad.

Children who are showing potential in their club programme, and already participating in Leinster-run tournaments, will be identified through the club ID days.

The programme will consist of two sessions per week of two hours. They will also do two hours physical training per week, and incorporate in-house monthly match plays.

Objectives of Next Generation Squads

  • To work on the Technical/Tactical/Physical and Mental game
  • Lay foundations for good technique on all strokes i.e. grips/stance and use of the legs
  • Teach players how to compete, as winning and losing both equally important
  • Regular participation in tournaments
  • Goal setting and analysis in practice and match situations