11. Typical Price

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This is difficult subject and it is really how long is a piece of string. It depends on many factors including
  • The number of contractors who can do the work; obviously the more contractors the more competition there is
  • The state of the market; if there are lots of courts being installed in Ireland then prices may be high as the contractors have lots of work
  • The recession – in a recession contractors tend to price more keenly as labour and raw materials drop in price
  • The number of courts being installed; the contractor’s mobilisation/demobilisation ( i.e bringing labour and equipment on and off site) cost for one court will be higher than say for four courts – in the latter case he can spread this cost over the four courts
  • Whether the contractor is part using the installation for advertising/marketing purposes in that he hopes to get additional business at this installation or at a nearby facility.
The price per court for artificial turf courts installed before 2009 was approximately €15,000 
In 2009 17 artificial turf courts were installed in Glasnevin, Clontarf, Malahide and Glenalbyn and the average price is approximately €18,000
All of the above prices exclude the asphalt sub- surface, which was already installed. The subsurface is estimated to cost approximately €8,000 -€10,000 per court.
So on the basis of the above the projected price for 2010 is
  • €18,000 for artificial turf per court
  • € 10,000 for asphalt sub- surface
Where a number of courts are being installed.
If only one court is being installed then an overall price of €35,000 -€40,000 might be expected??
Of course very careful attention has to be paid to the type and quality of surface being installed and the quality of the workmanship. You get what you pay for or at least, if its properly specified, a good contractor and surface selected and the installation properly specified then you should get what you pay for. If any one of these is not done correctly, then you may not get what you think you are paying for .