Tennis Ireland National Junior Ranking



All players must have a Tennis Ireland Player Identification Number (TI PIN) to be able to enter any open tournament and to be eligible for ranking points.

Players without a Tennis Ireland PIN (an 8 digit number) can register HERE.




Players FAQS


Ranking Points

 All junior players entering Tennis Ireland sanctioned junior open tournaments will be awarded ranking points depending on the round they reach and the Category of the Tournament based on the National Ranking Points Table.

Players must win a match to gain ranking points.

Players will be ranked on THEIR BEST SIX tournaments.


Tournament Categories

 Before the beginning of the season, all tournaments are categorised by the national competitions committee. The Category allocated to each event guarantees that players entering the event will receive that Category’s ranking points.

Tournament categories can be viewed on the Tennis Ireland Junior Calendar.


Matchplays Ranking Points

National Matchplays will be Category 1 tournaments. Provincial and Regional Matchplays will be categorised by the ranking committee but can’t be higher than Category 2 for Provincial Matchplay or Category 3 for qualifying Matchplay. Qualifying, Provincial and National Matchplay are considered as one item with points awarded only ONCE (highest points achieved within the series) at the end of each series according to the Matchplay Ranking Points table.


International Tournaments and Ranking Points

Points received in International Tournaments are converted to Irish Ranking points using a given conversion rate that reflects the strength of the event (International Points Table). Points will be awarded to players that didn’t reach the second round in a main draw if they won one or more matches in the Qualifying round. Points given reflect the Category of the International Tournament.

The onus will be on the player to submit the tournament results, by e-mail to giving the details of the event they played in and a link to the draw webpage by 12 noon on the Tuesday immediately following the final date of the tournament.



I think I have two PINs. What can I do?

 If a player has two or more PINs, these can be merged to the primary PIN (i.e. the PIN they are using). All ranking points on the secondary (merged) PIN will be credited to the player’s primary PIN automatically once requested. To request this, please email with the subject ’merge PINs’ including the following details in the email: Player Name, Primary PIN, Secondary PIN and contact phone.




Any ranking queries can be addressed to