Leinster Senior Ranking


All players must have a Tennis Ireland Player Identification Number (TI PIN) to be able to enter any Open tournament and be eligible for ranking points.

Players new to the system can register HERE.

Ranking Points

All players entering Leinster Open Tournaments will be awarded ranking points depending on the round they reach and the Grade of the event based on the Leinster Ranking Points Table. Players

  • MUST WIN AT LEAST ONE MATCH before they receive any points (progressing into the second round or further by virtue of a walkover or a bye does not grant any ranking points).
  • are ranked on THEIR BEST FIVE tournaments.
  • entering more than one event in the same ranking type (singles, doubles or mixed doubles) within the same tournament will be awarded points for one event only (highest value): i.e. a player entering a Championship and a Grade 3 men singles events reaches QF and runner-up positions respectively (300 & 150) will receive 300 points

Ranking points are kept for a rolling 52 weeks (i.e. from week 27 of the previous year to current week -26 current year).

Tournament Grades:

The Grade of an event reflects the size and the quality of the draw (number of top players in it), and the facilities of the Club running it. The Grade of all events is announced at the beginning of each tennis year (Halloween week), and reviewed at the end of it. Different events within the same tournament may be allocated different Grades.

The Grade of an event is based on the requirements outlined below:


International Tournaments

Players participating in ITF, ATP or WTA tournaments will be granted Leinster ranking points. As it is difficult to follow every player competing abroad the onus will be on the player to email the Ranking Organizer giving the details of the event played in and a link to the draw webpage.

Points earned by players in ITF tournaments will be converted into Leinster ranking points according to the following conversion factors:




Tournaments with

1 or more full qualifying rounds


Tournaments without one full qualifying round up to QF only. SF & F as above




Finding your Ranking or Tournament Information

 The ranking page shows the top 10 players in each category or age group. To see the top 25 click "More" on the heading line of each age group. You can change the display to 10, 50 or 100 per page by selecting you choice from the drop down list at the bottom of the page. You can also navigate from one page to the next using the number buttons in the same area.

To view your own results:

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