Indoor Play Returns

The following protocols will apply to Indoor Court usage from 1st December - see details here.....

Indoor Play:

  • Singles only
  • No doubles play, with an exception for partners from the same household.  This is on account of the dynamic nature of doubles play where a 2m distance is unlikely to be maintained throughout the activity.
  • No competition / matches – Casual play only

Indoor Coaching

  • Risk assessment prepared by the coach and to be reviewed and approved by the club.
  • Adults: Pods of 4 players per indoor court, staying in their section of the court.
  • Children under 18: Pods of 4 players per indoor court, staying in their section of the court.
  • Any demonstration of equipment or technique should ensure that a minimum of 2m social distancing is maintained.
  • Individual equipment should not be shared.
  • In the case of fixed equipment, cleaning of such equipment must be completed immediately after demonstration and before the individual participant uses.
  • There should be no hands-on adjustments or physical contact during training sessions.
  • Coaches and trainers are asked to refer to the HSE guidance on wearing of face coverings, which is available at

Other measures to ensure safety of participants

  • Minimise touch points – entrance open where possible, courtside furniture removed
  • Staggered start and finish times combined with appropriate entry, exit and traffic management protocols to limit the interaction of participants at any one time, particularly at entrances /exits to courts.
  • Pre-booking of activity is essential.
  • All players, and not just the player making the booking, should be included in the booking.
  • Players should arrive at the court entrance no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved playing time.
  • Possible reduction in the overall duration of the activity.
  • Promotion of social distancing at all times.
  • Participants should arrive ready to train and leave immediately (no changing room or shower use).
  • Additional signage, hand sanitization stations and deep cleaning implemented.
  • No equipment sharing in any circumstances.
  • Activity should take place in a predefined area which is visually marked out and directionally signed.
  • The space required in this area should reflect the nature and intensity of the activity

Any club or group that is not in a position to apply these measures or enforce them should not reopen their indoor courts.


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