Leinster Tennis Junior Leagues


Leinster Junior and Primary Schools League

The Leinster Junior and Primary Schools Tennis League started in 1991 and it has grown considerably since then.  The competition runs during the last term of the School Year, usually April and May, and has 2 phases:

  • Qualifying phase run using a Round Robin type Draw. Whenever possible, teams are grouped geographically.
  • Elimination or Knock-Out phase. Finals are held usually the third week of May.

Each team consists of 6 players playing in three doubles teams. Therefore each tie is made up of 3 doubles matches. The first pair to reach 9 games wins each individual match in the tie.

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Under 12 Summer League

It runs during the months of March, April and May. There are 7 events gouped in Classes 1 (boys & girls), 2 (boys & girls) and 3 (boys girls and mixed). Format: teams of 6 players playing three doubles matches.

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Under 18 Summer League

Played March to May, each team consists of 4 players playing 2 singles and one doubles.  There are 3 classes with Boys and Girls events in each. Finals are hosted by the previous year winning Club.

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Under 14 Summer Regional League

Aimed to less experienced players (Class 3 and below) runs during May, June and July. Teams consist of 4 players who play a singles and a doubles match (11 games each). Clubs are grouped geographically.

For further information visit the league webpage or contact us at 01-2696024, 086-0430619 or jahudson@leinstertennis.iecompetitions@leinstertennis.ie  


Dublin Lawn Tennis Council (DLTC) Leagues


The Council has been in operation since 1902 when Men's Summer League commenced with 12 Clubs. Ladies Summer League started in 1911. The Council is made up of active tennis members from Clubs in Dublin.
The Dublin Lawn Tennis Council runs inter club tennis leagues in the greater Dublin area. Over 70 Clubs participate in the Leagues.


Adult Leagues

  • Winter League: Ladies Class 1 to 7, Men Class 1 to 7
  • Summer League: Ladies Premier & Class 1 to 7, Men Premier & Class 1 to 7. Format: Premier and Class 1 6 players playing one single AND one doubles match each; other Classes 7 players playing 1 single OR 1 doubles match each.
  • Mixed League: Class 1 to 3. Format: 6 players playing 3 mixed doubles matches.
  • Senior League: Ladies 35+ Class 1 to 5, 45+ Class 1 & 2; Men 35+ Class 1 to 4, 45+ Class 1 & 2, 55+ Class 1 & 2. Format: 6 players playing in 3 doubles pairs.
  • Floodlight League: Format 4 players with 2 playing singles & 2 playing doubles.

Junior Leagues

  • Under 14: Class 1 and 2. Format: 6 players playing 3 doubles matches.
  • Under 18: No classes. Format: 4 players playing 2 singles and one doubles match.

Both are held between September and November.


For further information: DLTC website: www.dltc.net, DLTC Leagues Rules and Regulations click here.


Secondary Schools Leagues


The Secondary Schools Leagues are run during the last term of the school year. There are two Leagues:  

  • The Boys Secondary Schools League is coordinated by a Committee whose secretary is Shay Keenan (St Conleth’s Secondary School).
  • The Girls Secondary Schools Coordinator is Catherine McCarthy (Eurocampus, Dublin)