Super Senior Vets Inter-provincials

The Championships were held on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May in Greystones LTC.  The event was a tremendous success and led by our non-playing Captain Breda Caffrey was convincingly won by Leinster. Well Done to the Team on a great win !!

The standard of tennis and the sportsmanship shown by all, throughout the entire event, was beyond reproach and is a credit to all veterans involved in our sport.  All matches were played in a competitive and friendly spirit. The standard of tennis appears to be improving each year these events take place, perhaps this improvement is due to the achievements and examples of other well-known veteran players i.e. the Williams sisters and a well-known Swiss gentleman who in particular reaches new heights of excellence every time he graces the courts.

Many thanks to the President, Chairman, committee members, club members, catering staff and ground staff of Greystones LTC for providing us the opportunity to experience the magnificent facilities of their club.

Here’s looking forward to next year when we meet, once again, in Munster.

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